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California Wedding Day | Best Of 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since we came home from the California Wedding Day Best of 2018 awards banquet.  Almost every year since our first wedding in 2014, we have been blessed enough to come home with an award for one of the “Best Venue” categories, whether it be Best Outdoor Venue or Best Overall Venue.  This year, we sat in the audience nominated in two categories – Best Outdoor Venue and Best Overall Vendor (say what!).  We were so humbled to celebrate the night with the Best Overall Vendor award in our hands, with our Central Coast vendor community dancing by our side!

You might have read our website’s Our Story page, and if not, then let me tell you it’s quite a good love story to hear.  The historic Greengate property lost it’s glow for a while after its prior owner passed away.  Our current owner reignited that by making Greengate’s revival his labor of love.  And since our first wedding, we have continually strived to better the property, the beauty of the land, the accommodations, and our service.  It’s amazing to feel recognized for that and inspires us to do more.  We look forward to another year of progress and another year awaiting the next California Wedding Day Best Of awards.  And keep a look out, because we have big plans for Greengate ahead…

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