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Spaces and Capacities

Space Capacity (max) What does this location offer?
The Vintage Barn & Barn Courtyard 200
The Vintage Barn is great for 100-200 people and is accompanied by our fabulous walnut tree accented lawn and bistro lighted courtyard which can also allow for up to 600 guests seated. There is also an onsite catering kitchen conveniently located next to the vintage barn. This location offers good indoor/outdoor space and is complete with permanent newly constructed restrooms.
The Walnut Tree 300 This space is naturally beautiful with a spacious green grass lawn accented with a large old-growth walnut tree to take your vows beneath. It is close enough to the vintage barn that you can combine the spaces as well.
The Pond 1,200  Gorgeous and serene. The water of the pond and the vines meeting the sky behind it. This space is worth the walk. Although this space is removed from the heart of the ranch it is peaceful and can accommodate a large guest list and is perfect for a one of a kind ceremony or and afternoon reception.
The Ranch House 150 The ranch house is good for 50-100 people. The terraced lawns behind the house has concrete stairs for a perfect stage or aisle way. The lower lawn ends at the vineyard and is accompanied by a bocce ball and horseshoe game area for guests to enjoy some playful competition.
Vineyard Vista 150 This space overlooks our 75 acres of pinot noir and chardonnay vines. It is simple and complimented by large pine trees.

**Overnight accommodations in the Carriage House are included with all event bookings.

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