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Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris Vines

The Vines at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard were planted in April of 2013.  With our new planting in 2016, we now grow a total 88 acres of Premium Winegrapes.  With the help of expert agriculturist; George Donati, General Manager of Pacific Vineyard, we have 5 clones of Pinot Noir, 2 clones of Chardonnay and a single clone of Pinot Gris.  Pacific Vineyard Company specializes in Developing and managing vineyard properties in the Edna Valley. George is also a licensed California Farm Labor Contractor, as well as a member of the California Farm Bureau and various other grower organizations. The Edna Valley appellation has a global reputation for producing premium wine grapes, and our goal is to produce top notch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that are made into award- winning wines.

Harvest at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard chardonnay grapesPinot Noir Vineyard at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard

Our 2016 harvest produced a well-balanced and mature fruit from our 4th leaf vines.  All fruit was sold to wineries who produce Premium Wines from Greengate Ranch & Vineyard.  Chardonnay was sold to Center of Effort winery, Claiborne & Churchill winery, Mount Eden winery, Stephen Dooley winery, Glunz Family winery, and Edna Valley Vineyard winery.  Pinot Noir grapes were sold to Claiborne & Churchill winery, El Lugar winery, Tatomer winery, Keola winery, Carucci wines, Stephen Dooley winery, and Wild Horse winery.



In 2016, Greengate Ranch & Vineyard became SIP Certified.

The SIP Certified designation assures that growers and winemakers are preserving and protecting the natural environment, treating their employees and community with care, and have sound business practices with a long-term view that protects both the present and the future. Conscientious consumers have a choice they can make – one that supports both the land and the people that create their favorite wines.

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